Non-Governmental & Non-Profit Organisation for Digital Cultural Heritage

  • Why Digital Cultural Heritage

    Numbers speak of themselves

    Culture is Europe's strongest developing economic sector

    Architectural heritage is a key component of our culture

    300.000 jobs

    Exist in the field of Culture in Europe

    27 new jobs

    Are created for every 1 job in the Cultural Heritage sector

    Cultural Heritage

    Is the key element for the attractiveness of the regions, cities, and settlements of Europe

    The Promotion of Historic Buildings

    Is a very powerful asset of tourism and development strategy for every historic city

  • Purpose of HERMeS

    HERMeS aims to record, preserve, manage and disseminate tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage in all its forms and manifestations, with the help of technology and digital applications.

    The city as a work of art

    Historic Buildings and Monuments are part of this huge art collection. Therefore, HERMeS differentiates by approaching Cultural Heritage as tangible and intangible Cultural Relations that emerge in a city.

    To whom is it addressed to?

    HERMeS addresses all institutions (Municipalities, Regions, NGOs, Chambers) that are interested in saving their monuments, promoting the cultural value of their place, and aiming to motivate citizens in order to sustain participatory cultural development.

    Who are the members?

    HERMeS has been created by a team of creative people who want to help protect and promote cultural heritage, in a pan-European and global dimension. For this purpose, a Registry of Friends of HERMeS has been created, which consists of excellent professionals in the field of Culture, working in actions and projects of HERMeS.

  • Videos

    How HER.M.eS. works

    in 60 seconds!

    What we did at Hermoupolis

    an example of the digital application involving 1200 buildings

  • Distinctions

    We developed an innovative system for recording, managing and promoting Historic Buildings & Settlements which has been recognized with the highest distinctions inside and outside Europe.

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    Europa Nostra Award 2015

    Research & Digitization

    The European Union's top award in Cultural Heritage, the EUROPA NOSTRA award, was handed to HERMeS at Oslo in 2015.

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    Council of Europe

    Strategy 2021

    The methodology of HER.M.eS. is enlisted as 'Good Practice' for Cultural Heritage, at the corresponding list of Strategy 2021 of the Council of Europe.

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    European Heritage Stories

    Pan-European distinction

    HERMeS is one of the ten (10) projects that received distinction and funding for its continuation through the proposal "100 buildings / 100 stories" by the European Heritage Days in 2018.

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    Digital Heritage 2013

    Best Paper Award

    HERMeS was presented at the International Congress for Digital Heritage at the European Capital of Culture (Marseille) receiving the "Best Paper" award, in 2013.

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    The Best in Heritage

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    HERMeS was invited as the best practice in Digital Culture at the International Meeting on Culture in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in 2016.

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    8th Conference of European Institute of Public Administration

    Representing Greece

    HERMeS represents Greece at the pan-European conference organized by the European Institute of Public Administration.

  • They wrote about us

    Interviews, impressions, etc.

    SKAI news

    HERMeS at the "News of the day"

    Interview at "Athens 984" radio station

    Interview of the developer of HERMeS Dr. Pavlos Chatzigrigoriou

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