• 100 buildings - 100 stories

    Come and share your own story

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    100 Buildings


    In Hermoupolis, 100 buildings will be given a QR code and few details about the building. The purpose is for the visitors to scan it with their mobile smartphones and learn a story ...

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    100 Stories


    Citizens and Friends of Hermoupolis, Institutions, Students, Cultural Organizations: Everyone can tell, draw, or write a story from the past or the present about the city, the life, the customs and traditions, rituals or even events.

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    For Hermoupolis


    With the support of the European Heritage Days, the Council of Europe and the implementation by the Syros Institute, this program aims to strengthen the relationship between the citizens and their city and to promote the history of Hermoupolis to its visitors.

    Every story will have your signature / stamp / logo and will be digitally linked to a building (of your choice) for any citizen or visitor to Hermoupolis to see.

    We will help you make your idea digital!

  • Are you a citizen or a friend of Hermoupolis? Bearer or Cultural Organization? Professor, Teacher, or Student?

    Come and write your own story of Hermoupolis